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Commercial Marine

Commercial Marine

We carry various fishing ropes for commercial fishing applications, trawl nets and cold end zippers. They may also be used for various fish farms and heavy duty small lines. Pearl ropes and mussel ropes are also included in this product range.

8 Plait for Long Lines



  • Comes in Nylon or Polyester

Plaited PP Film Cord

commercial-marine---plaited-pp-film commercial-marine---plaited-pp-film1


  • Economical
  • UV stabilised
  • Available in 6.5mm (150L) and 9.5mm (310L)

Danline Rope

commercial-marine--danline1 commercial-marine--danline

  • Torque free and balanced construction
  • Abrasion resistant and shock absorbant
  • Better knot stability
  • Unaffected by acids and alkalies
  • Does not shrink or harden
  • Recommended uses are Fishing, anchor and dock line

8 Strand Tow Rope





Pearl or Mussel Ropes



  • Our ropes may also be used in mussel and oyster farms

Braided Polyethylene Mono Cod End



  • Strong and durable
  • Abrasion and acid resistant
  • Floats and not affected by water
  • Smooth finish and smooth handling

Plaited Polyester Cod End



  • UV stabilised
  • 8 plait knobbly construction
  • Available in 9mm, 11mm and 14mm

Braided Polyester Cod End

  • UV stabilised
  • 16 plait construction
  • Available in 9mm, 11m and 13.5mm